GenX TATA Nano: The world’s cheapest car, and costs almost twice that when launched


Rejected by consumers in India, TATA he had no choice but to go slowly adding more equipment to Nano. His latest development is called GenX and enter Automated Teller functional tailgate.


TATA-Nano-GenX N acid to try to mobilize families in India, as a substitute for some of the millions of scooters on their roads, the Nano high demand expected when it was announced with pomp as the cheapest car in the world .

The GenX Nano is the most equipped in history, but it costs almost double that in 2009.

But sales figures never achieved not even approximate estimates, which led that year after year the model was making more refinement and some more equipment, which did nothing but go slowly increasing its price.

This week was commercially launched in India its latest evolution, called GenX , which is in turn the most equipped and better finish in the history of the model and version also more expensive . Throughout all these developments, the gained Nano power steering, air conditioning and even to a rear GeneX openable gate and conventionally automated teller.

Under the hood there is not new, as it still uses the same engine two-cylinder that produces 600 cubic centimeters 38 horsepower and 52 Nm of torque . The propeller has a combined cycle performance is at 5.2 liters per 100 kilometers. However, its main mechanical novelty is related to the possibility of riding a five-speed automated gearbox as an option.

In its more affordable version, the Nano renovated offers from 199 000 rupees , the equivalent of about 2,800 euros almost twice when the model was launched in the 2009.





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