George Barris, the father of the Batmobile and other cars very tv, has died

Say that, from a very young age, since I was a kid, George Barris already spent hours and hours preparing mock-ups of airplanes and cars. Until his family, for the work done in the restaurant that regentaban, gave them to George and his brothers an old Buick 1925 you needed something more than a little hand painting to re-roll again. That Buick would be the first work of a creative mind that needed to give free rein to your imagination. Upon her move to Los Angeles, would finally have the career brilliant one of the coaches most recognized in film and television and the responsible, among others, the Batmobile original, the one used in the series of the sixties starring Adam West; as well as the preparation of some of the poses more beasts KITT: The Car Fantastic.

Although there have been many Batmobile, without a doubt the original 1966 will go down in history as an icon of popular culture. A vehicle that in 2013 it was auctioned for a whopping € 3.5 million, in an auction conducted by the house Barrett & Jackson. Astronomical figures if we bear in mind that in his day Barris had $ 15,000 of budget and fifteen days prior to the completion of the work.

George Barris died this morning at 89 years old.


  • That Batmobile was born out of the base of a prototype Lincoln Futura, which had been presented by Ford ten years ago. A perfect base for a car is futuristic and spectacular as this, especially for details such as your cabin, double bubble glass, which already formed part of the series this prototype of Lincoln.

    George Barris was not only the coach in the film and television, but also of the famous. He devoted much time to the creation of hot-rods, and preparations several, including Pontiac Station Wagon with the high roof (they say that so that I could drive it with his cowboy hat) John Wayne.

    George Barris was also the creator of the car of The Munsters (The Family Monster), that in the original series led to an exotic and terrifying hot-rod based on the fusion of three Model T.

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