Gerard Pique suffers an accident with a Buggy. Here is the video of the rollover

Famous and speed. Being famous means having a high purchasing power, which leads many of them to enjoy usually activities or luxury items that ordinary citizens we cannot afford. It is no secret that the elite athletes, especially football players, let them see once in a while with vehicles of a very high performance. Have a lot of money and sports cars leads some to miss the head once in a while (that is what to say to Karim Benzema and his multiple “experiences” at the wheel).

The last accident that has been involved a football player has starred in Gerard Pique, the central defender of the Football Club Barcelona. Pique was enjoying the controls of a Buggy in the dunes of Qatar when, in descending a dune at high speed, lost control of the vehicle and poured. Luckily he and his companion came out fully unharmed. Here is the video of the accident.

As we said, to Pique was driving the Buggy between laughter through the dunes of Qatar. It was going quite well as it seems to reflect his smile. Fortunately for the central of the club and his companion, the only consequence was that the vehicle was resting on its side in the sand, coming both by their own foot. Doesn’t seem to mind too much, as the laughter continued a few moments later and he was commissioned to publish in your profile, Enter what happened, with a video of the accident and a picture of the buggy overturned.

Hopefully the barcelona will think of something more the next time you want to spend a fun time with a vehicle, whether a car, a motorbike, or, as in this case, with a buggy. it is also Not the first time that Gerard Pique suffer an accident, although the other that we remember, nor had any great importance, and any injury to the athlete Catalan. In 2012, in a central area of the city of barcelona, opened the door of his Audi Q7 and a bus was ripped apart.


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