German media claim that Volkswagen manipulating his motors from 2006

Volkswagen TDIeven Though the scandal of the “dieselgate” has fallen of revolutions and a few weeks ago, the information about this fact have failed to reach, the investigations remain open both in the own company as in the German government. The goal, as it could not be otherwise, is to give with all the truth in this episode that has become one of the most black both for the business group as well as for the automotive world. The latest news related with this topic comes to us from German media, which ensures that Volkswagen manipulated their engines since 2006.

These data, as cited by the informants, have been collected by researchers of the own German brand. Apparently have discovered that high-ranking officials of the company were aware of these illegal job since 2006, the year in which they began to install the software. Although, this information, comes to dismantle the explanations that gave the firm last September when he said that very few workers were aware that they were “trucando” the motors to complete the testing of emissions of CO2. On the other hand, according to these media, several executives were aware of this “fraud” from the year above.

Motores 3.0 TDI Volkswagen emisiones flaseadasBut that is not all. The information about this new reality that is yet to be confirm and that would involve senior members of the brand since long before what you knew, is added to that a worker would have reported this illegal practice in 2011 and, with the same, it would have been ignored. This is still more complicated because, as recounted by German sources, there was a whistleblower several years before you uncover the dieselgate that it was completely ignored by a manager of the company.

As you can see this topic still has a lot of “chicha”. Without a doubt, one of the biggest scandals in the automotive industry that will continue to talk about for quite some time. For the moment Volkswagen continues to face allegations that are coming from various countries as well as the last arrival in the united States.

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