German retiree who hid a Panther tank of World War II in the basement

Military vehicles are cool. Tanks are cool even more. The big problem is that it is not well seen you take a walk around your neighborhood on a tank, whatever their historical legacy. The tanks are not designed to walk the streets in peace are large, noisy, destroy roads and – do not know why – cause other citizens with whom you share the road feel threatened . That is why a German retiree of 78 years had hidden for over 30 years, a Panther tank in the basement of his house . And not only that. Also hid an entire military arsenal that included a spectacular anti-aircraft gun.

In addition to the Panther, the collector 78 also kept an equally spectacular anti-aircraft gun of World War II.

The news, which Der Tagesspiegel published this weekend, referred to the seizure of this material. Apparently, only tank removal required nine hours of work of 20 soldiers , and modern tanks, in order to get this Panther hiding. The Panther was one of the most feared combat vehicles by the enemies of Nazi Germany in World War II, known for the strength of his armor and firepower. The Panther guarding the collector of 78 years in the basement of his home in Kiel, a town in northern Germany, lacked the chains on your system drive by caterpillars ( BBC ).

apparently none of his neighbors could imagine that this man hid a Panther and one anti-aircraft gun at home . Police have discovered the stash in full investigation, by pointing to suspicion that this man had acquired stolen art.

Exceptionally, we saw tanks in the hands of collectors, usually heavy armor (not necessarily tanks), completely unarmed. Armored like famous BRDM -2 amphibious serving as a taxi in St. Petersburg

Tanque .

War? No. This tank was presented in BBC calling for the return of Top Gear


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