Germany asked Tesla to remove the name Autopilot by misleading term

Tesla Autopilot 8.0Seems to be that Germany was not convinced that the company of Elon Musk then propagation of his system of assistants and driving aids that Tesla called “Autopilot”. The company of vehicles it calls Autopilot, and, according to Germany, this can lead to drivers to use it as an auto-pilot leaving you to pay the road the attention it requires, or who purchase their vehicle waiting for a thing that in reality is not.

Federal Bureau of Motor Vehicles (known as KBA in Germany by its acronym) calls to Tesla that this is a misleading term, since in truth it is only an assistant to the driving. KBA wrote to Tesla arguing the following: “To avoid misunderstandings and false expectations of the customers, we demand that you stop using the misleading term autopilot to promote the system”.

apparently, the thing was not there. The KBA sent a letter to the owners vehicles Tesla warning that the system is potentially misleading.

Tesla Autopilot 8.0Tesla has responded to Germany, but the truth is that he has not said anything clear, taking the matter to your field. The statements of the brand to the KBA have been that the Autopilot has been designed to reduce the workload of the driver and, if used properly, it provides an extra security in comparison with a driving fully manual.

In a way Germany and the Federal Office of Motor Vehicles, have reason. Tesla called Autopilot to a system that is not an auto-pilot. However, we assume (and hope) that Tesla doesn’t sell its vehicles to customers telling them that their car just drives itself, which is completely autonomous and can take a nap or read the newspaper with total peace of mind while tourism takes you from point a To point B that have been selected in the route.

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