Germany could allow the driving autonomously with no hands on the wheel

According to the head of sedans large of Audi, Peter Fromm, Germany could become the first country in the world to allow extensively driving autonomous non-hands on the wheel. A decision which is necessary for the mark to be put on the road the future Audi A8 with the latest features of automation that have been developed.

reform German law would be valid for some routes public from 2018. In the words of Fromm: “we Hope that Germany permitted on roads such as the A9 from Munich to Nuremberg”. The model that would take advantage of this new legislation is the Audi A8 with Audi AI, and in particular, their system Audi AI traffic jam pilot. The system will allow to achieve the level 3 driving autonomous, that is to say, that the driver will be able to do other things and only be available when the car tells you that you should take control.

The most significant aspect of the reform of the law, is that once you allow the driving itself without the hands of level 3 in the Audi A8, the liability of the actions of the car might fall on Audi and not in the user. So much so, that there are no problems at the borders, Fromm reported that when it comes out of Germany, the car will warn the driver that the system is going to be deactivated and which should take the control under his responsibility.

Audi only sell the A8 with this function in the countries which have adapted their regulations. At the moment only some countries allow this type of driving “hands-free” and in addition only for the purposes of R & D. This is the case of Spain, in which only brands, universities, laboratories, officers, consortia, or installers of the technology can perform tests with autonomous vehicles, always with the express approval of the DGT.

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