Germany declared war on diesels are more polluting

Mercedes-Benz-300-TD-TurbodieselMany governments have long in the fight against the diesel engines. Their polluting emissions are most harmful to the people are an inconvenience in large cities, and poses a public health problem. The scandal Dieselgate Volkswagen has done a disservice to the diesel technology, which has been rapidly criminalized. According to a study by the environmental agency Germany, 10,000 people die annually in the country because of the fine particles of NOx.

Now it is the German government which wants to to declare war on the diesel engines, something the less curious when your automotive industry is the major driving force behind these mechanics. The government of Angela Merkel plans to modify the law by passing this same year an ordinance for the various cities can establish their own movement restrictions in episodes of high pollution.


Only the mechanical Euro 6 diesel would be saved from the restrictions

Jochen Flasbarth, of the Ministry of Environment of Germany has said that measures of this type will be necessary to temporarily, until electric cars have enough weight as to decrease pollutant emissions in the urban cores or the diesel are as clean as the manufacturers say. The problem with the diesel older will persist, in any case.

the constraints for The circular could prohibit the transit of all those cars not compliant with the Euro 6 legislation, we currently set an emission limit of 80 milligrams of NOx per kilometre, and that is mandatory from 2015. A blue sticker would identify these engines diesel is more respectful. Currently, it is estimated that only a third of diesel vehicles in Germany meet the Euro 6 legislation and that in the next 5 years, to 7 million cars diesel will be replaced by new models that are more efficient and respectful with the environment and the health of the people.

1.6 BlueHDI 100 CV

Engine 1.6 BlueHDI 100 HP

While the government and individual local authorities are in complete agreement to take restrictive measures of this kind, associations of manufacturers are in complete disagreement, claiming that it would be a blunder to apply those restrictions and that any that want to protect the environment can not let go of the diesel engines. It is normal for this type of ads to generate discomfort in the automotive industry, German, where 50% of the registrations correspond to vehicles of diesel oil.

Source – Bloomberg

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