Germany is not going to punish Volkswagen for case #Dieselgate


The minister of transportation German, Ingo Sträter, has said that Volkswagen will not have to pay penalties by the scandal of the emissions of diesel engines. It is sufficient that the cars go through the workshop to be rectified, to reduce their polluting emissions.

In Germany, there are 2.4 million affected

The authorities germans have already approved the technical solutions for some engines, the 2.0 TDI EA189 already are being reviewed. After must be rectified and the 1.2 TDI, which, like the larger displacement, you only need a reprogramming.

The 1.6 TDI, in addition to the reprogramming, they require a filter on the intake that reduces the turbulence of the air and improves the measurement of the probe in air. In this way, the tested diesel fuel can be more accurate and thus reduce the emissions of oxides of nitrogen (NOx).


Europe, this filter in the intake is the only physical modification that
need to engines 1.6 TDI. The others need only a reprogramming of
the ecu

Meanwhile, in the united States, Volkswagen has reached a preliminary agreement with the justice, for which you will have to pay 14.700 billion. Consumers will be offered the cancellation of the leasing, compensation of up to $ 10,000, repurchase of the vehicle or its repair. In addition, there will be penalties that are reinvested in the environment.

For the latter case will require the approval of the authorities of the united States, which still have not given approval to any technical solution of Volkswagen to reduce emissions. The limit for NOx is more stringent than in Europe, and it is more difficult to meet.

If for may of 2018 Volkswagen has not gotten a technical solution that is satisfactory, almost half a million cars with engines 2.0 TDI (have not sold any more small) will end up in scrapyards with the engines inoperable, and may not be exported out of the country. The 3.0 TDI are not included in this deal.


it is Not surprising that many consumers in Europe -millions – who feel deceived by the company, to be treated as customers of second category. Volkswagen is faced with two scenarios that are completely different.

on the one hand you have the united States, with a market that sells very little -given its size – and a legal system much more efficient, with standards more stringent. It is much more important to keep customers in that market, because they do not have enough quota, and there the deception is more serious.

on the other hand, the European Union is the second best market of Volkswagen after China, is the absolute leader of sales, and there is no obligation to automatically pay penalties. Consumers, if they want to be compensated, will have to meet the courts demands. Here there is the figure of the class action suit or class action lawsuit.


Hans Dieter Pötsch, and Matthias Müller, the past 10 of December of 2015 at a press conference

From the European Union has asked the German company that has the same consideration for its european customers. Volkswagen has responded that it is not viable on an economic level, do the same in Europe, because the number of people affected is 19 times higher. Basically do not have much money.

having a compensation would be an amount very much lower than that, and if it is pursued by the court. Let’s not wait for Germany to fight against one of its jewelry industry, especially because the lander of Lower Saxony owns 20% of empire Volkswagen.

In Spain has already been given a verdict favorable to the consumer. On the other hand, France, the Uk and Germany are still researching and refining responsibilities of the employees or officers involved in the deception.