Germany requires to Volkswagen the prompt repair of cars souped-up

Fábrica Volkswagen Wolfsburgo case Dieselgate Volkswagen is still present. Some days ago, the brand announced that at the beginning of 2016 would begin to repair, gradually, all the cars with TDI motor EA 189 affected by the scandal of the emissions. But it seems to be that the KBA (German federal authority for transport) not enough with that, as has been demanded of Volkswagen the call to fix 2.4 million vehicles, the total of the 2.8 that were sold in the German market, with a more immediate solution and mandatory rather than voluntary.

THE repair of the cars affected would be spread throughout 2016, but the KBA wants to solve all of the problems the more quickly, forcing Volkswagen to act faster. According to the agency, this way it will be easier to check the progress of the process. It is not usual to force the manufacturers to make the calls to review, which without doubt will enlarge the snowball in the form of expenses related to the case Dieselgate pursuing the German mark.

Motor 2.0 TDI Volkswagen Passat Estados UnidosThe deadline that the KBA has tax to Volkswagen to put on the table a solution is November and the calls for review shall begin as provided by the brand, in January, although they will have to act more quickly. The KBA will monitor the process with a magnifying glass, looking at some of the cars repaired to verify, that indeed, the modifications that are made to solve the problem of NOx emissions.

For the time Volkswagen has not given many details about the way to proceed. He commented that the way to solve the problem in many engines would be through a software update, while other cars would need hardware, that is to say, to add additional items to troubleshoot the problem. What is not clear are the consequences that these calls to review will have. It is speculated that the car reprogrammed could lose performance and increase fuel consumption of fuel, while in need of hardware, it would not be surprising that it would have consequences similar, in addition to an increase of the maintenance costs if it decided to adopt catalysts with injection of AdBlue, for example.

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