Germany takes with the scandal Volkswagen: the firm is required to revise 2.4 million vehicles immediately

Germany gets tough with Volkswagen. The “Federal Motor Vehicle” Germany, KBA, shall require the signature German review a total of 2.4 million vehicles affected by the scandal “Dieselgate”, affected by the scandal of emissions which, remember, affects the mechanical diesel with code AD 189.

KBA, the “Federal Authority of motor vehicles” has rejected the proposal of Volkswagen to check the vehicles of the users, upon request, on a voluntary basis and required a mandatory review for 2.4 million cars.

After the disposition initial of Volkswagen to check the cars of those users who so claimed, with a voluntary character, KBA has been passed to require Volkswagen a mandatory review of all of the vehicles affected by this mechanism, a total count that rises in Germany 2.4 million vehicles.

This final episode of the case of Volkswagen, this scandal ejemplificadora magnitude, leaves us therefore with the German institutions by acting firmly against “a signature of the house” to a scenario in which Volkswagen had already announced solutions, first reviews, to the beginning of 2016 bearing in mind that in certain cases the review of the cars affected will not end with a “simple” update of your software.

How do you know if your car is affected?

SEAT, Volkswagen, Audi and Skoda have enabled websites to through the frame number of your car you can check to see if it is one of the affected ones or not. It has also been put at the disposal of customers a toll-free telephone number, the 900 180 361. Recall that in Spain there are a total of 683.626 cars affected between SEAT, Skoda, Audi and Volkswagen.

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