Germany wants to lower taxes on electric cars to promote sales

BMW i3 CarbonightGermany wants to promote electric mobility, with the ambitious goal of reaching one million electric cars sold in the country of face to the year 2020. With less than four years to act, the goals seem difficult to have been sold in Germany until the time of 50,000 electric cars. Therefore, according to Reuters, the government seeks to encourage the sale of electric cars by using a well-proven technique, the tax exemption.

That an electric car has less tax help to lower both your purchase price as their cost in the daily use, which can be a great attraction for many consumers. This action plan responds in part to the demand of the major car manufacturers of the country, calling for the government to encourage the sale of electric cars.

volkswagen-e-golf-e-up-3The party CDU German chancellor Angela Merkel and the social democratic party SPD are in agreement most of the measures referred to the tax advantages of electric cars in Germany, that could be fully detailed next week. Then only it would be necessary to approval by the parliament for the entry into force of these advantages and impulses to electric mobility in Germany.

One of the measures that most impact it would have on consumers would be the exemption of the counterpart of the TAX for 10 years for electric cars. What is most interesting to you, however, are the incentives to the purchase. On this aspect there will be more waiting until decisions are made, involving in the game also to car manufacturers. Do without the road tax is not sufficient in a country in which the electric are already somewhat talented in this aspect.

Opel Ampera-E vista frontalFortunately, in the German government are aware of that are not only needed the tax breaks to make electric mobility a reality. Create a large recharging infrastructure and promote research projects, and development in the field of batteries for electric cars are also some of the priorities of this first draft. It is also contemplated that for the 1 of January 2017, 20% of the fleet of the German government is formed by electric cars.

The German government does not want to undertake this adventure solo. Ask manufacturers to hire their collaboration at the time of implementing the recharging network, to foster research in the area of vehicle electrical power and increase the presence of the electric mobility in your advertising.

Source – Reuters

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