Germany will investigate 30 models for high emissions of CO2


finally they realize in Europe that NGOS have warning for years

european consumers for years we have been seeing how it is difficult or impossible to achieve the consumption official given by the manufacturers, forced to turn by the European Union. Each year that passes, the deviation of approval and is actually larger.

But the european authorities are starting to realize in the wake of the scandal of the emissions that started at the expense of Volkswagen. As they are investigating the automotive industry in general, start to get details on the conduct of the manufacturers.

Germany launched an investigation at the end of 2015, with the object of finding more traps as the Volkswagen. Of time have not found, but significant deviations in consumption and emissions. This happens because the cars are prepared to pass a test of approval, not to go in the day-to-day just as well.


The most representative brands were analyzed, a total of 23, among which are Ford, Peugeot, Fiat, Volkswagen and company. We have analyzed 53 models, and of them 30 have consumption and CO2 emissions higher than expected, “inexplicably high” in the words of a spokesman of the ministry of transport German.

These 30 models will be investigated more thoroughly to reveal how much they consume and emit in reality. The consumption of petrol and diesel is directly proportional to the emissions of CO2, as it is a chemical reaction set. we have Over the years been the subject of a hoax collective.

Before the authorities realize, the NGO Transport & Environment (T&E), and the International Council on Clean Transportation (ICCT) denounced this situation. In 2001, the difference between consumption approved and actual was minimal (8% average), but today is perilously close to 50%. The consumption is falling, yes, but much more slowly than expected.


Consumption approved versus actual – Source: Transport & Environment

The ministry of transport German is preparing a report to provide figures, and will enable us to speak of specific models. The NGO T&E has already shown the most representative cases of difference approval/reality. This has allowed two manufacturers to react to well, offering to be audited to properly analyze your consumption and emissions: PSA and Opel/Vauxhall.

By means of a portable equipment for measurement of gases (PEMS) it is possible to determine with great accuracy what is the real consumption and emissions of cars. So, manufacturers can add to the official figure another achieved in terms of circulation actual, so the consumer does not feel cheated.

are realizing too late, but you are realizing. Several databases, such as Spritmonitor, they were making it clear that the consumption gained by the users of passenger cars have increasingly less to do with the official figures. The PEMS are responsible for clearing the doubts about the validity of these data.


this is why the manufacturers make traps, to achieve the goals of emission reduction that has requested the European Union

over time, manufacturers have taken advantage of all the flexibility that allows the regulations to always play in the most advantageous conditions. That’s the end of the next year, because the tests are to be made not only in laboratory -controlled conditions – but on the road.

In the united States, when a manufacturer gives a figure of consumption, official incorrect, there is compensation to the owners for the additional cost of the fuel, and that costs hundreds of millions of dollars. In Europe this is not the case, because the system itself is a fraud, and that “everything is legal”.

The manufacturers have done all the traps that have enabled them, and now they take the hands to the head. Possibly these reports do not change anything, nor have claims, but at least the consumer will know who to punish, and you will know also who has been sincere and has made less traps.