Germany will investigate the emissions of more than 50 diesel models

alemania-investigacionThe soap Volkswagen far from being complete it seems at times to catch more and more force. Since is uncovered the scandal there is not a day that does not come to our writing a news story related to this fact that comes not only affecting the brand itself, but the entire automotive industry. And that is, if after the trademark claimed to have manipulated its diesel engines came rumors that involved more signatures, now Germany announces that it will investigate more than 50 cars suspected of fraud.

we are All shocked with the news. One of the groups car more important on the planet) said that it has mounted a software in some of their diesel engines with the getting on the test bench values on emissions of CO2 that do not correspond with the reality. In this way, the vehicle they were riding these mechanical diesel were eligible under the regulations as pollutants, despite the fact that in normal driving conditions these figures were markedly higher.

TDIAccording to some experts of the automobile industry, the Volkswagen Group would not be the only manufacturer that would have tampered with their diesel engines to avoid the strong restrictions environmental. An assumption that you want to confirm the KBA German with the research that opened at the end of September and now announces that expands to more than 50 cars. In total, 23 manufacturers under the suspect whose identity has not yet been revealed.

The investigations include laboratory tests where subjected to test vehicles on a test bench and, subsequently, with the help of a handheld meter, to measure the emissions of CO2 in normal driving.

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