Get into the habit, this is the lighting OLED that you’ll see in Audi (video)

Pilotos OLED Audi TT-RSThe lighting is one of the issues with that are just playing the car manufacturers and, as could not be otherwise, is present in the CES 2016 Las Vegas. There, Audi has a few drivers rear OLED to correspond to the future Audi TT-RS, and we show how it works this new technology which, remember, is already present in the BMW M4 GTS.

AutoBild Germany has videotaped an interview in which we know what future have these pilots OLED in the range Audi. Also how they work. We know that it is the pilots that released the TT-RS because their name is engraved in the same, what is not know is if it will come from series in a display of technology for its new sports, or will you be one more option.


In any case, these headlights OLED show us your performance in a video, a performance that makes it clear that his intention is to create three-dimensional forms and movements to default. We see how there is an intermittent, sequential, or how to turn on the lights, it creates a fixed sequence.

These pilots OLED are the future on the Audi, however, is not too clear. We still need to know the Audi TT-RS, which should not take too much to appear, and from there know what plans Audi for this technology. It would not be surprising that out extending the range in a very short, nor would it be surprising that the renewed Audi A3, which is expected to within a couple of months, I could mount them at least as an option.

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