Get to know the best alternative routes to go to the beach


The long retentions are our bread of each day for these dates as summer

Comes the sun, with the heat, with the heat and the beach, and the beach vacation, and with vacation… Yes, traffic jams have already become the habitual pilgrimage of all the years that gives us start and end to the holiday. However, we’ll leave you with a few alternative routes to your beach destinations that I can travel lighter.

And it is that we are a few days of the start of the operation output most important of the year. And it is that each season happens kilometre traffic jams at the exit of the major cities and to the input of the main summer resorts. Levante, Andalusia and Catalonia are the worst part, but they are not the only sites where a traffic jam can surprise us.

motorways have made travel faster but to be the primary destination path to the main points of attraction of the country, they accumulate a large amount of traffic that in seasons like the summer can mean endless traffic jams or withholdings. However, there are other ways to go that we will avoid such annoying delays.

Yes, in the majority of cases they do more kilometres, and yes, on all occasions, the travel time is greater than the usual, but much less than if we ran into a endless jam. In this map we leave you can see what are the main routes and which are the secondary, those that promise us to get to our place of vacation without stopping.


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So, you know, before you leave home to live in the coveted vacation planned the route well and learn about these possible alternative routes. Check the state of the traffic, and if the trip didn’t look good, don’t hesitate, take the long way but that will take you non-stop to the beach. First of all be calm and respect, as the beach is not going to go anywhere and the days are very long.