Gets the Competition Package: more sportiness to the BMW M3 and M4

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Just starting the year and already have confirmed a novelty that will arrive shortly. In BMW, the vehicles of the range M are known for their athletic skills, but it seems that they are willing to be a bit more. Therefore it has been confirmed that there will be some versions that you will be able to benefit from the Competition Package. This finish will improve dynamically the BMW M3, BMW M4 Coupé and BMW M4 Cabrio.

has confirmed nothing less than Frank van Meel, president of BMW M, recently in an interview stated that they would offer a “Competition Package for each of the three variants of the automobile from spring 2016“. But still do not know the modifications that will include, will be a solution to to improve the dynamic part of the ‘three middle’ of the range M.



Also speaks of an increase of power. Currently both the BMW M3 and the BMW M4 incorporates a motor turbo six-cylinder and 3.0-liter which has a power of 431 horses. A step above is the BMW M4 GTS, which, thanks to the injection of water to get 500 HP. The idea of the Competition Package would be to get a middle-ranking power, which would be at around 450-460 HP.

of course would also receive some unique items, as well as a full equipment. Among these components could be these wheels are lighter in the style of the M4 GTS, a new rear diffuser and an exhaust system revised. However, would not be so extreme as the GTS in terms of aerodynamics, nor would the brakes carbocerámicos. To see the result you will have to wait until march, since it is expected that the Competition Package is presented in the Geneva 2016.

Source – M-Power

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