Getting sparks GPS 5 tips to better use your browser

Gone are the days when our parents engaged themselves in a stressful exchange of instructions in which she, flat on his lap, shouting “left” and he was at the wheel and all chiquillería behind sweated ink to see if the order referred to the next exit or that just had just left behind. Fortunately, the emergence of GPS resolved our lives enormously: get from point A to B is now easier than ever, but … Do we really take full advantage of these devices? The first thing to recommend is to use a browser connected, or what is the same, the mobile application that uses your data for real-time information, and secondly, remember these guidelines before putting in the hands of this devious voice.

1. Plan your route in advance.

seems incredible, but something as simple as being a little foresight will save us many scares and especially achieved we take the more relaxed way. Most navigation applications has a travel planner with which we can choose the most suitable route for the tour Why is it important to be proactive? Because in the end, a browser is only an application that uses algorithms by which efficiently calculates the fastest route. But it is not always the best for us, we are at the wheel. Let no one be surprised if the trust blindly in GPS , it will take on a mountain with curved twisted on a tour which will save three minutes, yes, but at what cost in stress.

navegador-trucos-2 2. Save money by avoiding tolls.

For the same reason mentioned in the previous point, you have to be always a little skeptical of math software. Thus, the secure browser that takes us on a highway that costs, say, 4 euros, and saves us five minutes of the next route has tolls Are we willing to pay 4 euros for spare five minutes? Each one has the answer, and will depend on the rush you have, but sometimes worth a relaxed driving enjoying the scenery and above all, save yourself some money.

navegador-trucos-5 3. No, your GPS has not gone mad: Heed


It happened this summer: I headed down the highway at relatively close and 15 minutes of the scheduled arrival, Waze told me of the existence of a shorter route. Dude I leave the motorway here? Going back roads? Well, I ignored their instructions and while traveling on the road parallel, discovered the cause behind a hump: a retention of 13 kilometers that had saved me thanks to this devilish contraption. Most browsers used not only massive use traffic official information from the authorities, but what is more interesting, real data of other users who are ahead of us and save us precious minutes. I said, better to ignore


navegador-trucos-3 4. Save fines.

At this point in the film practically everyone knows that some of the major browsers have a database updated safety camera, and be sure that we are not an oversight foot go down and then come Paco with rebates will lead us much calmer. But GPS also can help us to be aware of the speed at which circulated, some of them offer it on-screen with great precision, and still others, such as TomTom, compare this rate with the maximum legal permitted in that particular route, so we can be much more careful with the speed and circulate much calmer.

navegador-trucos-1 5. Use it in town.

is a natural tendency: use GPS only on long trips or destinations not know. However, this useful tool, oddly enough, is as effective or more on travel that we will do. Yes, the daily journey to school children leave or work may be much shorter and pleasant than letting ourselves be guided by custom. “If I know how it goes!”, Okay, nobody is going to teach how to move in a city that we know by heart, but often that blind faith in hidden habits much more efficient alternative routes. It has happened many times coming home from a distant point and trust the GPS I indicates a street that never happened and, indeed, came long before


In motor:

The day that Ford invented the browser, before we had the GPS in 1964

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