Ghia Brezza: the first car designed completely by a woman


the reason stated was that an aerodynamic study.

The Ghia Brezza was a prototype created by Ghia that passed for an attractive design of small sports. An exercise of style very fitting that broke with the lines in common that we could find in the models of the size of the time, implementing the features of sports of greater size, in a time in which the current “wedge design” was the dominant trend.

The result was very attractive. With a very small size, little more than 3 metres, the Brezza had a silhouette very sharp, so well-proportioned that does not denote its reduced size.

however, the Brezza has not gone down in history for their traits, quite common in the prototypes of the decades of the seventies and eighties, but because it was the first complete design of a car signed by a woman.


Introduced in 1982, was on the cover of Road&Track.

Although far from what it may seem, it was not a marketing exercise on the part of the companies involved. Its designer, Marilena Corvasce, was part of the design team of the design studio turin-based Carrozzeria Ghia for years, and its design it was simply taken for this prototype-based Ford.

Although it was decades ago that women were part of the design centers more important -the first female designer came in General Motors in 1943 – until the development of the Brezza had never been completed a draft of the complete vehicle that had been performed by a woman. Probably because most of the women who worked in the design studios were focused on such areas as the design of interiors, as Helene Rother, who was the first designer of this industry.

Marilena Corvasce had been hired by the very Giorgietto Giugiaro at Ghia, and in 1982 was when they announced this prototype internationally.


Your Cx was 0.30, a whole large number at that time.

Today we can find numerous models on the market whose designs have been led by women, or that have gone out of their pens. From models like the new Honda NSX to the Toyota FT-1 concept that we anticipated the Above, we can find as all of the design teams on the planet are formed indiscriminately by both men and women. Although it is generally thought that this is a profession predominantly male.

What is certain is that in the vast majority of cases, the work of the designer remains anonymous, regardless of their gender, falls the responsibility of the same in the design department or, as is often the case in the mod, in the big names of the industry.

What is noteworthy of the Ghia Brezza is that was a landmark, which probably should have happened earlier, but remains as an example for the history of this industry. Although in his day, attributed the design to those responsible for Ghia, and not the designer that had actually sketched out a design. In this case, Marilena Corvasce.


Initially it was created as a functional prototype.

The Ghia Brezza was based on a prototype is also based Ford, the two-seater Ford EXP, employed a mechanic from a Ford Escort. The main reason for this design was to achieve a drag coefficient very low, hence the solution of fairing the rear wheels, and above all, its sharp front.

Although it had buttresses in the rear and a trunk lid flat, reaching up to the rear window, common design of the motor sports central of the time, the Brezza had its engine in the vain front.

This prototype is currently on sale in the united States, and although
it was built as a vehicle fully functional, to day of today no longer
has your engine or transmission.