Gian Mario Rossignolo on trial for defrauding the treasury with the brand De Tomaso


Gian Mario Rossignolo, former owner of the brand De Tomaso will finally be sent to trial next year on charges of embezzlement, fraud against the state, money laundering and violation of bankruptcy laws.


Gian-Mario-Rossignolo-De-Tomaso E n 2009 Gian Mario Rossignolo had relaunched the De Tomaso brand, taking control facilities Grugliasco were Pininfarina. For the Geneva Motor Show in 2011 the reborn brand took a prototype of a luxury SUV and named it Deauville , which used a mechanical provided by Genereal Motors.

But when it seemed that the brand finally came to life, the Deauville never become a production model, Rossignolo was accused of defrauding the Italian state and De Tomaso resealed.

Now the entrepreneur Gian Mario Rossignolo , his son Gianluca Rossignolo and six other defendants will be brought to trial, while three other defendants have negotiated terms of between 22 and 24 months in prison.

The first charges of investigation initiated in 2012 were for embezzlement and fraud against the state, because De Tomaso had received funding of European and Italian state for training of workers, which never were. But trial starting next year have now joined him on charges of money laundering and violation of bankruptcy laws.

At the same time De Tomaso was again sold last April, this time a group of Chinese origin Ideal Team Venture , but since then has not been heard What will be your plans for the future.



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