Giovinazzi penalizes, Rosenqvist wins and Juncadella KO in Macau


Felix Rosenqvist has won the Qualifying Race of the GP of
Macau F3
. The pilot swede will start tomorrow from the pole position in the race
final in the Circuit da Guia after finishing second in the day
today, but inherited the victory after the penalty suffered by Antonio Giovinazzi.
The Italian became the unfortunate star of the day and what
it was in just a minute after the start of the race.
Giovinazzi was causing
the accident of Dani Juncadella
that leaves the Spanish, without any option of being able to
the fight in the day of tomorrow.
Charles Leclerc was second and Alex Sim
third party

The race classification of the GP of Macau started with a large output of Felix Rosenqvist, to which no one could dispute the first position by slipstream during the long straight the path of Macau. Dani Juncadella was skeptical in the first few meters and arrive in parallel with Antonio Giovinazzi was his judgment. After passing by the first curve hand-in-hand, the Italian played with his front left wheel on the rear of the Spanish and Dani Juncadella hit against the barriers. The accident caused a mess, which also affected the pilot thai Alexander Albon. The Safety Car was deployed.

The action turned to the track two laps after. Despite the efforts of Rosenqvist for making a good resalida, on this occasion you caught the slipstream of a clear and Antonio Giovinazzi was placed at the head with the race car of Carlin. Behind both is positioning itself Lecrerc as a spectator of luxury, gaining a few metres very important on the fourth position of Sam Macleod, who in the first place, he lost the battle to Alexander Sims. However, the british-born, his peculiar comeback. Alex Sims out the thirteenth and in five laps I got rolling in the fourth position.


The accident suffered by the chinese Li Zhi Cong is not obliged to redeploy the Safety Car, which left the way open for the fight to live a fight for the sixth position between Markus Pommer and Sergio Sette Câmara that fell from the side of the first. A breath of fresh air for the German pilot who had been penalized three grid positions for this race for impeding another driver during the last qualifying session. With this maneuver, the race entered a tense calm in the absence of three laps and without the great battles in the top places.

In fact, the positions were maintained without apparent three laps during the more than 18 miles remaining and Antonio Giovinazzi finished with a provisional victory the Qualifying Race. A victory very ephemeral as trein seconds after passing the target was confirmed a Drive Through for causing the accident, with Dani Juncadella. Felix Rosenqvist inherited the win, while the podium was formed by Charles Leclerc and Alexander Sims after one of the great comebacks of the day. The rest of the top ten have completed Macleod, Pommer, Sette Câmara, Ferrucci, Lorandi, Maini and Giovinazzi after the sanction.

Results-Qualifying Race of the 62nd Grand Prix of Macau

Position Pilot Chassis / Engine Time / Difference
1 Felix Rosenqvist Dallara Mercedes 10 laps
2nd Charles Leclerc Dallara Volkswagen +0.903
3rd Alexander Sims Dallara Mercedes +2.701
4th Sam Macleod Dallara Mercedes +8.399
5th Markus Pommer Dallara Volkswagen +9.412
6th Sergio Sette Camara Dallara Volkswagen +13.963
7th Santino Ferrc Dallara Mercedes +15.538
8th Alessio Lorandi Dallara Volkswagen +18.627
9th Arjun Maini Dallara Tomei +17.360
10th Antonio Giovinazzi Dallara Volkswagen +17.871