Girfalco Azkarra: First teaser of the new sport electric 3 wheels


backlight Silhouette, a classic.

in the network with a teaser of a new sports model electric. The start-up canadian Girfalco has revealed the first image of its first model, which roughly seems to be a new tricycle and look quite aggressive, the style of the Slingshot from Polaris. Named Azkarra, this tricycle open will be moved by an electric motor, and, according to versions up to two..

like the Polaris Slingshot, will be provided with two front wheels and a rear, where we hosted the electric motor, of which the trade mark has not provided data any technical.

One of the few details that has provided the brand is to be launched in two versions, Azkarra and Azkarra S. The first of these will only drive the rear wheel, while the latter can boast of traction on all axes, so it would be the first trike of its kind electric and all-wheel drive. We understand that this may mean that the S-version fitting a second engine between the front wheels.


it Is presented in a few days.

so that we can draw from the dark teaser, the simple and classic silhouette up to the light, will have an open body and an image in a very aggressive and sports. By what is advertised by the brand, the cabin will accommodate comfortably two passengers, who shall have seats type bacquet and an interior, highly customizable, equipped with even a luxurious audio system.

we do Not know the plans of Azkarra, but we understand that you reach definitely to production, the Azkarra would be the rival to nato of the electric version of the Morgan Three Wheeler.

Girfalco, with headquarters in Quebec, shall submit the Azkarra in a few days. Until the 2nd of December, we will not know, nor your price or possible release date, as well as the vast majority of technical data, such as power or autonomy, the main specifications of an electric vehicle of any kind.