Giugiaro will unveil at the Geneva motor show the Sibylla Concept

a month Ago I had the great Italian designer Giorgetto Giuriaro held its 80th anniversary by presenting a saloon concept in the International motor show of Geneva. This model, which has been created from scratch with his son Fabrizio (in the new study design that have been founded – GFG Style), was advanced through the publication of a teaser in that we could only postulate how it would be the design of your side.

In this case, GFG Style has decided, a few days of the appointment to switzerland to open its doors to the press and general public, which is the time of releasing the first official images of this new model. In this way, eaten curiosity of the fans, and recapture the attention of those, or they had forgotten of such filing, or directly or had heard of.

The format of Giugiaro and his son have been printed in the Sybilla, which is as it will be called the concept, take a air coupe. In this way, have been able to return to the basic lines of design that have worn the best models of the Italian designer, to the few that are displayed in a modern key. Thus, we can see a few overhangs (front and rear) very short, giving prominence to your interior to have a considerable space.

The front features a design is very bold, marked by lines that show a strong personality. The side view is more straightforward, although the top of its glass roof, with the rear, creates a line that few models have taken to the street. In the rear, the optical groups resemble that Polestar (the new signing of Volvo) wants to bring to production with the coupe electrical 1.

According to Giugiaro, the Sibylla combines the comfort of a SUV with the sensations dynamic of a sport and the elegance of a saloon of representation. At the technical level is developed on a platform that is named IoT Envision EnOS which has a ground plane where you fit the battery pack for its electric powertrain. All in all, thanks to this base reaches an exterior length of over 5 meters.

The trade mark has not communicated to the power that will have its powertrain, but it has confirmed that is developed by the chinese company Envision and which has a propellant for each wheel. In any case, the only thing we know is that your battery pack will have 75 kWh, intuiting that could present a performance similar to the Tesla Model S.

inside not have pictures, although Giugiaro confirms that the cockpit will feature several screens, in addition to the already usual for the infotainment system and the steering wheel will house touch surfaces that control the main functions of driving. The distribution of the passenger compartment is ready to accommodate four occupants in armchairs, and adjustable lined in leather of Poltrona Frau.

In any case, to know more details of the Giugiaro Sibylla will have to wait to the appointment to switzerland to open its doors. Any way, since there is little.

Source – GFG Style

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