Gives Detector to your partner on Valentine’s day and save more than 100 euros


For a lot of our cars have alarms of last generation, it never hurts to have extra protection in front of the friends of the alien. Detector is responsible for that protection, and now, as part of a special offer for Valentine’s day, you’ll be able to give it as a present to your partner with a discount of more than 100 euros.

The company installs a locator in the car to be able to track at all times the location of the same. In the case of theft, the system is especially practical, as it will alert the authorities providing them with the maximum precision, in what place is our stolen car. It is not surprising that brands like BMW already offer this service to their customers.

however, it is not the only advantage for the system. In the mode Detector OnBike, the Detector will not only inform us of the situation of our bike if it is stolen, but also will act in the way of assistance in the event of an accident. The computer records the data of the collision and immediately called the emergency services if necessary.

that Is to say, a wide range of possibilities that you will appreciate your partner on an important day like valentine’s. To take you to the offer you will only have to register in the service through the Internet between the 11 and the 14 of February. With this you will get a savings of over 100 euros, and the always invaluable joy of your partner.