GLE Mercedes Coupe Night Package, the black to complement

1042446382904457119 Mercedes GLE Coupe Night Package, el negro como complemento Mercedes-Benz is proposed to rival the BMW X6, a model SUV sports court that has no competition so far. A few months ago the star maker debuted the GLE Mercedes Coupe , a model that hit the market in June, coinciding with the release of the fourth installment of Jurassic Park, which appear in version 450 AMG Sport to help the protagonists of the film with its all-wheel drive and 387 hp.

If the series model not it sexy or elegant, the German automaker has unveiled the Night Package employing black as ideal complement this enormous body. This outer package is available for the entire range of the new SUV from the star, a range that culminates with the Mercedes AMG Coupe S GLE 63 577 wild horses, but depending on the version found small differences .

19457724431806424291 Mercedes GLE Coupe Night Package, el negro como complemento On the front begins detail, with a grille in black tone that compliments the front bumper moldings in glossy black. In side view include the housing of the mirrors in black, the colored glass and frame windows in black. AMG versions surnames outputs are obscured escape , while the other models have chrome finish.

Finally, with this option called Night Package a set of black 21-inch wheels are included. In the case of an AMG version, tires increase its diameter to 22 inches . Nothing is unknown how much cost this attractive package, but what is clear is that it will not come cheap, though we doubt that the buyer of this model worry about a few euros more.

Source – Mercedes-Benz

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