Glenn Irwin wins the 51st GP Macau Motorcycle


Glenn Irwin has achieved its first victory in the GP of Macau of Motorcycling after overcome in its 51st edition Peter Hickman. However, what had to have been a happy day for the pilot of the Paul Bird Motorsport has not ended as might have been expected, in spite of his success on the Ducati 1199RS. The chilling accident of Daniel Hegarty that has given an end to the race has left them without courage none of the members of the podium, who have picked up their trophies for commitment.

Glenn Irwin started from the pole, although not took a long time to lose the first position. In the strong braking of ‘Lisbon’, Peter Hickman took the lead with the BMW S1000RR with race #1. The current winner of the test proved to mark a strong pace during the first lap of the race, although Irwin got back the overtaking before crossing goal. All in all, both drivers managed to begin to forge a small advantage over Martin Jessopp, who was placed third with another of the BMW S1000RR. Behind, Michael Rutter climbed to the fourth position, dejanto fifth to Connor Cummins.


Irwin finished by imposing his law, and managed to amass a lead of 1.3 seconds with respect to Peter Hickman when he had played four turns. Without end to break the career, both presented themselves as unique candidates to victory since Michael Rutter, in spite of his great comeback up to third place, stayed to 6.5 seconds of the two pilots head. In fact, the pace of Rutter once they had the horizon cleared it was also lower than that of the two leaders. Behind, Martin Jessopp is accommodated in the fourth place, while Conor Cummins and Gary Johnson were going to fight for the fifth place.

however, all these battles were passed to a second plane when in the seventh round, the briton Daniel Hegarty had a very strong accident in the area of the curve of ‘fishermen’. The pilot Topgun Racing impacting at high speed against the barriers with his Honda CBR1000RR. Automatically showed the red flag, and it was the end of the race with the result of the previous round, which gave the victory to Glenn Irwin ahead of Peter Hickman and Michael Rutter, which formed a podium that no one wanted to go.

Classification of the 51st GP Macau Motorcycle

Pos. Pilot Brand Time / Dif.
1 Glenn Irwin Paul Bird Motorsport Ducati 5 Turns
2nd Peter Hickman MGM Racing BMW +1.312
3rd Michael Rutter MGM Racing BMW +8.676
4th Martin Jessopp Riders Motorcycles BMW BMW +11.109
5th Conor Cummins Padgett’s Motorcycles Honda +15.888
6th Gary Johnson Briggs Equipment Kawasaki Kawasaki +16.878
7th Dean Harrison Silicone Engineering Kawasaki +19.645
8th Lee Glen Johnston RST Racing BMW +20.029
9th David Johnson Four Aniels Racing BMW +20.159
10th Danny Webb Penz13 BMW Motorrad BMW +27.436