Global NCAP accuses Renault of misleading advertising in America

From Uruguay, we echo quite a serious problem in the which has been involved Renault. From Global NCAP has sent a letter to Renault and their CEO, Carlos Ghosn, accusing it of misleading advertising. The controversy comes after the publication of a promotion campaign for the Renault Mégane III in Uruguay, in which used the rating awarded by Euro NCAP to promote the model made for America. This fact has led to the Global NCAP put the cry in heaven, and that is that our Renault Mégane III, little has nothing to do with the Mégane american security.

Renault-megane-iii-ncap-0216-01This fact helps us to reflect on the inequality that exists in the field of security between markets

The notice given by Global NCAP is based on the reality that discriminates against a market of another. The Renault Mégane that until just a few months ago was sold in Europe, little has nothing to do with the Renault Megane that is sold in the countries of Central America and South America. The approvals of these markets are very different in terms of security, so as to be able to point out that a car from there could have serious problems to get one or two stars according to the criteria demanded by Euro NCAP.

The event misleading advertising faced by Renault is based on the use of the marks obtained by the Renault Mégane european test Euro NCAP for the Renault Mégane III, which is sold in America. Although outwardly they are the same car, Global NCAP is shown very unhappy with the use of the score from Euro NCAP, which indicates that Renault Mégane of the advertisement does not comply with the european approval, much less has been evaluated by Euro NCAP.

Renault-megane-iii-euroncap-0216-00Global NCAP has demanded Renault to remove immediately the ad campaign, apologize to Euro NCAP for the use of his score in a car that does not correspond, and which proceed to evaluate the Renault Mégane III, which is sold in markets such as Uruguay, according to the criteria of Latin NCAP, the entity that is responsible for the testing of security in that market.

Source: Global NCAP
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