Global NCAP calls on GM to improve their cars to avoid the zero stars

General Motors is not going through a good period in Latin america, due to the repeated failures of the tests of impact, which in many cases fail to write or a star.

Chevrolet-SailPgeese hours after released the result of the impact test carried out by LatinNCAP the Chevrolet Sail assembly in Colombia, which, like other products of the brand he returned to score zero stars in protection of adults, Global NCAP formally asked General Motors to improve the products it sells in Latin America.

Chevrolet Sail tested by LatinNCAP, as well as many other products marketed under the Chevrolet brand in Latin America, it lacks airbags and other safety elements, such as claims of safety belts, ABS brakes and electronic stability control. With that void safety, it is impossible to achieve score more than zero stars.

once more, the president of General Motors Mary Bar, returns to receive a letter that invites you to improve the vehicles marketed in the so-called emerging markets, putting special emphasis on the Chevrolet Aveo and Chevrolet Sail.

LatinNCAP: Zero stars for the Chevrolet Sail mounted on Colombia

Global NCAP points out that General Motors has opted to exploit the weakness in the legislation in some markets, for placing their products without the minimum elements of security, products them it would be impossible to trade in the most demanding markets such as Europe or the united States. The letter sent to the Bar by Global NCAP, indicates that in the year 2006 it had warned General Motors that the body of the Aveo is unstable in tests of impact and exactly the same problem has been discovered in the units that are now being marketed in Latin America.

But the answer of General Motors the letter from Global NCAP didn’t take in to reach, through a company spokesman, who said that share the goal of improving the road safety around the world, including the adoption of basic safety standards in all world markets and the removal of cars zero stars.

General Motors have a project for to improve the safety of cars sold in Latin America and other emerging markets, for which they plan an investment of 5,000 million dollars and that provides for the adoption of double frontal airbag and seat belts 3 points for all occupants, in accordance with the rules of the United Nations.