GlobalNCAP: The Renault Duster scores zero stars

The crossover of Renault, produced in India was evaluated by GlobalNCAP in its specification most basic and scored with zero stars.

this height is no longer a secret that Renault has developed different versions of the same car, according to the market to which it is directed. Like what happened with other models, the Renault Duster was evaluated by GlobalNCAP in your setup more basic, destined for the indian market.

The Duster has been rated with zero stars for GlobalNCAP in their evidence of impact, and it is a result that is surprising, since the same model achieved 4 stars in LatiNCAP and 3 in EuroNCAP, although it does not but confirm that the differences of security in different markets can become very large.

GlobalNCAP has chosen the most basic configuration of the Duster available in the indian market, which does not bring front airbags as part of the endowment of series. But this has not sit well with Renault, who proposed to GlobalNCAP you to re-evaluate a new unit, but this time equipped with 1 only airbag for the driver.

In this second assessment, the Duster reached the 3 stars, even though GlobalNCAP the analysis of the vehicle found a curious fact: the driver’s airbag from model marketed in india is smaller than that of the Latin american model.

is Not the first time that a model of Renault you have problems in the impact tests. The Renault Kwid indian also received zero stars, and even the Clio Mio taken from him three stars received in a timely manner.