GM-AvtoVAZ again in the race to produce the new Chevrolet Niva


While it had been canceled in March, the next generation of Chevrolet Niva could be put into production if GM-AvtoVAZ achieved the necessary funding to build it.


Chevrolet-Niva-Concept-6 E he project for the new generation of Chevrolet Niva looked like it had fallen to a point of no return when in March General Motors announced leaving the Russian market. But a few weeks ago he drew attention to observe a prototype circulating covered with a dense camouflage for the Spanish routes .

If he gets capital, GM-AvtoVAZ is willing to make the new Niva.

But according to published today in the specialized Russian website Motor GM-AvtoVAZ is seeking financing to complete the development and construction of a plant to produce the new Niva.

The new generation of Chevrolet Niva will leave the assembly lines of a new factory GM-AvtoVAZ built in the city of Tolyatti , if he can get the money for funding.

The Niva Concept on which is based the new product was designed by Ondrej Koromhaz , a former Holden that now serves as manager of advanced design for General Motors in China. The prototype caught the attention of the international press after passing through the last Moscow Motor Show so it would not be unreasonable to think of his arrival in other markets.





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