GM invests $ 100 million in Colombia for export to Brazil

General Motors will increase its production in Colombia, as part of a plan of investments that have the purpose to increase exports to Brazil, as a preliminary step to a future free trade agreement.

Chevrolet-SailGeneral Motors announced an investment of $ 100 million for your plant colombiana operated by Colmotores. it Is an investment that will be paid during the next four years, as part of a plan to expand their production, in order to result in an increase of the exports with destination to Brazil.

These improvements will allow General Motors to consolidate the flow of exports to Ecuador, at the same time in the frame with a new agreement with Brazil, they hope to export approximately two thousand units between the years 2017 and 2018.

Colombia and Brazil sealed a recent agreement through which each country may export a total of 50 thousand units per year, as a prior step to a free trade agreement that will govern the future between the two countries.

General Motors is the main producer of vehicles in Colombia, with a share in the market reaches 25%. During the past year succeeded to commercialize in Colombia 82.103 units, corresponding to vehicles of the brand Chevrolet.