GM will bring the Chevrolet Spark RS to the SEMA Show

The Chevrolet Spark is tested by the suit of sport for the SEMA Show this year. It is a prototype that takes the last RS, but that it is unknown whether it will be with mechanical enhancements.

Chevrolet-Spark-RS-SEMAOrne of the news that General Motors prepares to take to the SEMA Show in Las Vegas this year. it is a variant of the dynamic aspect of product smallest in its range. This is the Chevrolet Spark RS, a version based on the hatchback five-door that features an exterior with features sports.

Is a prototype developed by Chevrolet in the united States, in collaboration with the design team in Korea.

Spark RS adds a number of accessories, such as their 17-inch wheels – inspired Corvette, a suspension lowered and a body kit designed in carbon fiber which includes a splitter front, side skirts, diffuser and rear spoiler, the badge RS on the grill, some stickers black color decorating part of the body and dual outlet exhaust with chrome finish.

At the mechanistic level is still unknown if he has had any update, with respect to the propeller 1.4 liters and 98 hp that uses the Spark of the series. Anyway this is a conceptual work through which the brand will explore the reaction of the public regarding a possible variant of the production.

however, it is expected that the finish RS in addition to the range of the Spark in the near future, with the package as usual for these cases: wheels of larger diameter, an exterior package more aggressive, suspension lowered and an interior with details more sports. However, it is a question that will occur with the engine.

To know more details will have to wait to make his debut in the SEMA Show Las Vegas, which will take place from the 3rd of November next.

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