GMC Acadia 2017, 318 kg of diet for the SUV american

GMC Acadia 2017 Detroit Auto show continues today with the news and one of them is the GMC Acadia 2017. The mark of General Motos renews its SUV of medium size with a new generation, which introduces design, platform, technology and engines. is based on the platform C1XX also share other SUVS of General Motors as the new Cadillac XT5.

The GMC Acadia 2017 is smaller in all dimensions than the model it replaces, that takes 10 years in the market, but the most striking thing is that it is now 318 pounds lighter, with a weight starting from 1.794 kg. The new GMC Acadia 2017 measured 4,91 metres in length, 1,91 wide and 1.75 high, so that the length is trimmed in more than 18 centimeters, the width in about 9 and height 10 with respect to the model it replaces. The battle is also somewhat shorter.

GMC Acadia 2017the design of The GMC Acadia 2017 is typically american, with square shapes, marked wheel arches, large alloy wheels and a sharp C-pillar that separates the moons of the first two rows of seats, framed in chrome, with the trunk. Inside the new Acadia debuts design and better materials, but retains a design quite classic. In the center of the dashboard located touch screen computer multimedia IntelliLink, which has features such as Android Auto and CarPlay. The Acadia can also count on the services OnStar with Wi-Fi 4G.

The GMC Acadia 2017 is a SUV seven-seater and the two third-row seats fold into the floor of the trunk, leaving a load surface flat. There are USB sockets for charging electronic devices in all rows of seats, and the SUV will also feature a system that alerts you if you leave any items left in any of the two rows of back seats.

GMC Acadia 2017
According to the finish chosen, the new Acadia has elements such as the braking, automatic emergency, xenon headlamps, lights short-long automatic, vision cameras, 360 degree parking sensors front and rear, wizard of involuntary change of lane and detector angles dead. The system Tow Vision Trailering displays on the screen a dynamic guides that will be of great help to perform maneuvers with trailers.

The range of engines of the GMC Acadia 2017 provides for two new mechanical petrol that were not available in the outgoing model. The simplest corresponds to a new atmospheric four-cylinder and 2.5-liter displacement, with direct injection of gasoline and, for the first time on GMC, Stop & Start. This motor-yet-unknown figures of performance and power. The more powerful alternative is the new engine 3.6 V6 310 hp, which approves an average consumption of around 9.5 litres per 100 kilometres. Both engines are associated to a automatic change of six speeds.

GMC Acadia 2017series, the GMC Acadia 2017 have traction easily to the front axle. The system of all-wheel drive is optional and it is a traction connectable on demand, when the front wheels lose grip. All models have a selector driving modes, which in models 4×2 has the options Normal, Snow, Sport and Trailer, while the 4×4 are modes 4×2 (only front-wheel drive), 4×4 (low demand), Sport, Offroad, and Trailer.

Source – GMC