GMC prepares a rival for the Jeep Wrangler based on the Colorado zr2 tremolo


Huge wheels for the mule testing.

The vehicle that appears in the images is a mule tests based on the newly introduced Chevrolet Colorado zr2 tremolo pick-up. The germ of which will be the future opponent of GMC, the brand of General Motors specializing in pick-ups and SUVs for the Jeep Wrangler and the rumored Ford Bronco.

This is the first occasion on which we can see a real drive the long-rumored new SUV from General Motors, on which is carried on speculating for several years now, as the response of GM to the eternal Wrangler of the Group FCA.

The brand intends to launch a product clearly differentiated with the range of regular pick-ups Chevrolet, creating a new alternative for the former customers of the now-defunct Hummer.


Is in a very early stage of its development.

In these moments there are not just details of the new model, but that their development has begun on the basis of the recent Colorado zr2 tremolo, it makes us think that it could have not only the same frame but some of its mechanics, such as the engine Duramax diesel supercharged 2.8-liter or the V6 petrol 3.6-liter.

we Can assume that it will be traction to the four wheels of series, although little more can we say of the model, as it is unknown which class of body, or with that number of doors available. For the moment we only have this series of spy pictures, pretty blurry, obtained in the distance on the test track, GM, to confirm at least the development of the model.

to port its development, this was not to come until at least the end of this decade, at least until the year 2020 would not be in the dealerships of the brand in the united States, its main and almost exclusive market.