GMC Terrain 2018: Your first teaser shows us as a more dynamic design


First teaser of the new SUV of medium size GM.

The new GMC Terrain 2018 is next to be revealed. The Detroit motor show 2017 will be his debut and to announce it, General Motors has unveiled since his first teaser, a silhouette of its upper area that shows already his first great innovation, design of pillar floating in the back stile.

The dynamic design that suggests this image we test whether the new Terrain shall continue to be distanced in terms of aesthetics of his twin, the Chevrolet Equinox 2018, which is also based on the platform D2XX GM. The C-pillar is born of the elevation of the very bottom line of the windows, while the roof line, soft fall, is underscored by an accent of metallic color that is part of the A-pillar and ends above the pillar C.

This area has been duly hidden in the prototypes camouflaged seen up to now, that showed a strong camouflage in that area. Hiding even part of the rear window, plus all of the back stile.


spy Photos of the GMC Terrarin 2018.

In the front area we found as can be intuited under the tarps with a large grid, which occupies a large part of the massif morro, which is appreciated very vertical. The new Terrain 2018 will be the SUV of average size of the brand and the alternative to more refined and comfortable for the urban users. With a design that is already displayed much more dynamic and less solid than the Terrain of the first generation.

Its mechanics still have not been confirmed, but is expected to differ from that found in the new Chevrolet Equinox 2018. This has in its base version with an engine of 1.5 liters and 4 cylinders, while in the model of the GMC , we could wait for a block of at least 2.5-litre supercharged, although it is not disposable to meet mechanical shared with his twin to the Chevy, in addition to a possible mechanical diesel.

The new Terrain 2018 will be one of the big novelties of the mark in Detroit, so that in only a few days to be unveiled.