Go crazy: an anchor for GoPro standard on every Toyota Tacoma

The adventure GoPro cameras are ubiquitous lately. A server does not have a – a guide price of about 500 € with their accessories me check behind pa – but I know I want one as soon as possible, especially for use in motor. Toyota has announced a partnership with GoPro to include anchorage standard for GoPro on the windshield of the new Toyota Tacoma . If this does not encourage their owners to embark on the adventure, I do not know what will in place.

Would you go adventurous boost your car having an anchor for GoPro?

This is the first collaboration between a car manufacturer and GoPro to this level because manufacturers such as Bell Helmets helmets and include long an anchor for GoPro on your helmet. If your car does not have an anchor for GoPro nothing happens, suction fitting for glass costs less than 50 euros, but if you have factory perhaps propel you venture off-road and make a path . Imagine watching that lonely anchor placed in your glass while you go to the supermarket or to seek their children to school.

anclaje-gopro-tacoma-1 also many dealers could move to give GoPro cameras as a way to convince customers that are better than concessionaire nearby town, or special offer. The new Toyota Tacoma pick-up is a medium – size equivalent to a European Hilux, maybe something smaller – you can equip a gasoline engine to 3.5 liter six-cylinder plus manual. It is an excellent vehicle for off-road capabilities and many owners usually do routes with their mounts.

Source: Wired
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