Godsil Manhattan: The rival of Rolls Royce arrives with a V16

Probably Godsil Motorcars non-os sound. I will not let lie and neither do we. But this american brand, specifically in the state of Washington, you try to plant face-to-Rolls Royce, with a car that can ride a motor V16 that would produce a whopping 1,000 HP.

Godsil Manhattan would be a body to the more pure Art Deco own cars of the 30’s, but with a modern engine, at the height of the high-end of the day. Even though the car is still an unknown, since neither has been built or, practically, there is plans Godsil Motorcars are firm.

To be a worthy rival of Rolls Royce, part of manufacture good engines that will make competition, you have to produce big cars in which passengers do not have any kind of discomfort in the journey. The Godsil Manhattan complies with her fiance. You will have, if it finally comes to build, a battle of 3.4 metres long, enough for all four of its occupants.

There is not everything, LED lights, some immense wheels of 22 inches, and the large engine V16 put the icing on the cake. And when we mean large, we do not do so in vain. The engine of the Godsil Manhattan is an cubicaje of 13 litres, and will produce around 1,000 HP, but will not be driven by petrol, but by natural gas. Curious.

This Godsil Manhattan will be the first of the u.s. firm, but when you manufacture, or launch this model, they plan to introduce in the market, a saloon of four doors, an SUV, and even, a supercar mid-engine, all working with the same engine of 13 litres and 1,000 HP. A bestiality.

All these cars, you assume that you will have this halo Art Deco and inspiration 30 and, personally, I find it all a success, because, from time to time, it is not bad to get out of the norm. Will have to see if Godsil imposes something to the king of luxury cars, Rolls Royce.

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