Goes a million miles with your Toyota Tundra and give him a new one

Toyota Tundra un millón de millasVictor Sheppard is an american citizen then you are in luck. The and its Toyota Tundra the year 2007 1 million miles (1.6 million kilometers) have been the subject of the latest marketing campaign from Toyota. The american brand has given him a drive of the new Toyota Tundra as a show of loyalty to the brand, since this unit will be the 16th model of the brand.

But the old pick-up Sheppard has purposes beyond the marketing. Toyota cares a lot about that drive, with more miles than usual, to disassembling and analyzing the different components of the vehicle. It will be a process that takes several months, by removing the entire engine, gearbox and chassis, as well as other components, to verify its resistance to the passage of time and study how to improve even more for future models.

Toyota Tundra un millón de millasWhat is most surprising is that this Toyota Tundra of 2007 still has its engine and gearbox original, without having required any repairs to be of importance. Throughout these 10 years, Sheppard and his Tundra have spent nothing less that 117 times by the dealer, more than once a month, to do all the maintenance scheduled. This is one of the keys to this pick-up and its longevity, not to have skimped on maintenance costs. Since you purchased it, Sheppard has made the majority of those miles going to work, doing an average of 125,000 miles per year

Now Sheppard has a new challenge, getting to a million miles with your new Toyota Tundra 2016, at the same time that Toyota does yours also the challenge of demonstrating the reliability of this pick-up.

Toyota Tundra un millón de millasSources – Toyota

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