Going on a Tuesday morning with the Toyota FT-1 – the successor of the Supra – Paris

05:30. the alarm clock Rings. It’s Tuesday and ahead of me waiting for a ride “express” to Paris, for what? Toyota has proposed to us a day in the city of light with the excuse of knowing your showroom in the Champs Elysées, a showroom where, among other jewels of the brand, we expect the new Toyota FT-1, the spiritual successor to the Toyota Supra.

The japanese firm has christened the current exhibition of cars and activities of its showroom under the title of “creative Design of Toyota”, which I acknowledge that, initially, leads me to think that this trip to Paris represents a first approach to a new direction of design in the mark, or the talk by someone from the design team involved in the development of the new Toyota C-HR.

Ouch, the road is completely shutdown, apparently a truck has overturned, the M50 is totally cut off and yes, I’m starting to fear for my flight to Paris. At 06:30 in the morning, something like that can only assume a lot of time completely stopped and, yes, the forecasts are met and I start the day, through all the terminal 2 of Barajas airport in a hurry. Luckily, I get to the boarding. Now yes, heading to Paris.

Paris, we get clouded. Bordering the Arc de Triomphe in a minibus Mercedes and after a few minutes we are already at the doors of the showroom of Toyota, in the number 79 of The Champs-Elysées. Around there are a good number of showrooms of other brands. Mercedes, Renault, Peugeot… are only a few meters of space from Toyota, a space in which to enter and exit people, letting us see already, through their door, one of the latest concept models of the brand, the Toyota Kikai Concept.

Rendez-Vous Toyota. So, has christened the brand to this showroom, a showroom which opened in 1998, and receives annually more than 1 million visitors. No, we don’t sell cars, nor merchandising, its main function is to teach the audience some of the latest novelties of the brand, also serves as the focal point for events, for presentations to the press… “how Much does it cost?” asks a visitor to japanese to one of the employees of the showroom before enfilemos the stairs to the top floor…

do Not take the eye to the FT-1 while I climb the stairs…

showroom_toyota_Paris_DM_8Wow. On the upper floor, the thing is really interesting. We are greeted by a giant screen with the silhouette of a Toyota GT 86 ready to be painted by a spray virtual, but everything becomes even more interesting when you run into a Toyota MR2 of the first generation, a Toyota Supra 1994, Toyota Celica GT, 1975 and a Toyota GT 86 with a good vinyl collection of Gazoo Racing.

Mince something, give us some details on the showroom and we started fooling around between the cars.

The driving position surrounded by clocks of the Toyota Supra, those mirrors on the hood of the Toyota Celica, the emblem with the eagle of the Toyota MR2…


I descend the stairs. Before has not given me time to see good cars on the first floor and I want to do in addition to any other picture of the FT-1 to the social networks.

¡Leñe! There is a Toyota 2000 GT in the background!

Red, spectacular, elegant, with a certain air of british yes, prohibitively expensive and a plant unbeatable. I love the 2000 GT, as to not. Just on the other end the FT-1. ¡Qué disparate! Radical, futuristic, determined to call the attention of aggressive attitude… I can not have more desire to see the production version, a version which, we imagine, will come with their strokes smoothed but, sure, will share certain aesthetic details with this conceptual model.

Personally I’d bet on those wheel arches on the rear, for that spoiler, for that fall from the ceiling…

did Your engine? For now we don’t have great news on this section, but recall that the production car derived from the FT-1 is being developed jointly with BMW who will take advantage of this development to give rise to the successor of the BMW Z4, the BMW Z5.

showroom_toyota_Paris_DM_3A Toyota Prius and a Toyota Auris Touring Sport hybrid try to claim our attention, but no, today is not the day between both classic and conceptual model.

I stop next to the Toyota Kikai, do you remember this concept? You speak of this peculiar “hot rod” in October 2015, in the article “An incomprehensible hot rod to the japanese, so is the Toyota KIKAI”. Their cables oranges reveal their condition of the hybrid and its ways could not be more striking. It seems to come from one of those cities of the future that we have seen in so many movies.

A clay mold of the Toyota C-HR reminds us of its upcoming release, and while I watch a team member of Toyota warns me that the next Paris will have a lot of this SUV bold lines and dynamic, taking into account its segment, promising.


But… what the hell is that at the bottom?

I read on a poster that is of Toyota FV2. Disculpadme have had to read it, but there are occasions in which it is difficult to recall certain prototypes and it is not precisely because it is not interesting, in terms of design and above all for the way to handle it as this… what car? it moves by shifting the weight of our body. You know, one of those prototypes futuristic with those which are usually surprise us the japanese brands and that they might be drawing as the mobility within a couple of decades.

I can Not avoid returning to the Toyota FT-1. Drew the mobile, I do a couple of videos. Sack the camera pictures and do my own. Not to enter people, and despite the Toyota 2000 GT the FT-1 is the big claim. Every few minutes, it is surrounded by a new group of people except for a massive group of japanese that, oddly enough, devote more of his attention to Kikai.

showroom_toyota_Paris_DM_4Something quick to snack and warn us of the imminent arrival of the bus that will take us back to the airport. The visit has been really quick yes, but satisfying. I wanted to see the FT-1 in person, see those strokes really eye-catching and to top it off everything has been paired by a good selection of classic, by the Toyota Supra, by the first generation of the Toyota MR2, that 2000 GT

We said goodbye to a Paris still cloudy, and luckily without the stifling heat of Madrid
. The successor of the Above looks promising, as this new era of sports japanese, with the Mazda RX-9, with the new Honda NSX, the next-generation Nissan GT-R…