Golf GTI First Decade: Hybrid and all-wheel drive to Wörthersee

Golf GTI First Decade WortherseeWörthersee once again become the focus of the news, because that has already been discovered which is the car that is hidden underneath the top sheet as we were able to see a few days ago the news that you had the apprentices of Volkswagen built another new GTI Concept-and already are ten prototypes built by guys between 18 and 23 years-.

This year, the students of Volkswagen will be presented in Wörthersee, Austria, a version of the Golf GTI a bit different. This is the first Golf GTI with 400 HP of power developed by a hybrid system, that is to say, a powerful gasoline engine with a small electric motor, which would send the traction to the rear wheels.

Golf GTI First Decade WortherseeThis new transmission system is to use the electric motor of 15 HP, located at the rear of this Golf GTI Concept, to send the power to the rear wheels, something similar to what makes Renault with your system 4Control, and the gasoline engine, that we can find in the front, to drive the front wheels. With this you get a improve the cornering and opens up the possibility of circular with this GTI in all-electric mode, as can be done with the GTE.

The batteries of the GTI Concept is overstated by regenerative braking, something very usual in the hybrid models the current, but in this First Decade, you can configure the traction of the car -front, rear, or total – through a smartphone app where you will find the infotainment system of the car.

Golf GTI First Decade WortherseeAs already anticipated, the Golf GTI First Decade will have a spoiler-derived that used the GTI Clubsport, and includes a alloy wheels 20 inches, in addition to a multitude of plates with the logo “First Decade”, which celebrates a decade in which Volkswagen has been making these prototypes.

In the interior we will notice that they are missing the rear seats, since the GTI First Decade it has only front seats, which have features such as massage and electric adjustment, all controlled by an app for the smartphone.

Volkswagen Golf
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