Good-bye to the Boxster and Cayman, come to the Porsche 718, and the engines 4-cylinder turbo

Porsche 718 Boxster Cayman 2016Being in front of a name change for the same model in the range Porsche, believe me, it is to stand before something very important. As much as that Boxster and Cayman will be named and will be called the Porsche 718, each with the rank of Boxster or Cayman depending on whether we talk about the convertible model or the model of the coupé. Does not reach the magnitude of, for example, to change the name of 911, but now I’ll explain why it goes far beyond a simple name change.

Porsche, throughout 2016, will show us the new range-718, a new range that will come with two main developments. The first of them is the engine that moves it, a new range of mechanical four-cylinder we had spent time already talking about. Will continue to be boxer, but will greet the turbo in the same way that they have made the new 911.

Porsche 718 RS Spyderwe do Not know too much data about these engines, or displacement accuracy and power. It is expected, so yes, a slight increase of power and benefits compared to the current atmospheric models. As it is logical there will be a new stepping and see a couple of power levels to the standard models and models S.

the arrival of The Porsche 718 Boxster and Cayman responds to a simple question: the story. In the beginning of Porsche as a manufacturer of sports, the Porsche 718 was a sporty lightweight with four-cylinder engine, derived from the 550 Spyder. For this reason, by its mechanical configuration, the new range is passed to this new denomination. But there is more.

Until the moment, the Porsche Boxster was, and so was born, as the Porsche of access, by price and power. This will be as well. While the Cayman had positioned a half step above, will now be two models are virtually identical. That is to say, we will find the same solutions and the same levels of power. Even the Boxster could now be in a car slightly more expensive than the Cayman. In other words, the Boxster will be the convertible version of the coupé Cayman. No more.

This change, which has left us puzzled and we are caught unprepared, it makes a lot of sense. In fact, we could go on speculating about the next generation. It does not surprise me that the next Cayman to be called the 718 to dry and next Boxster outside the 718 Spyder. In any case, we will get to know this new plan for the future of Porsche in the coming months, probably in Geneva 2016.

Source – Porsche

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