Good news for Renault Spain! Valladolid will manufacture a new model

Without a doubt, we are faced with a good news for Renault in Spain. We have already talked at length about how important it is for a factory, such as that of Renault in Valladolid, the awarding of a new model. In January I we set out that Renault Spain was a candidate to the award of a new model, although to do this, in addition to the approval of the Renault Group, from the brand urged the need for greater flexibility in the conditions of the workers, reaching an agreement with the trade unions. The agreement was reached. And finally it has already been made official the news that everyone expected: Valladolid, which already manufactures the Renault Twizy and the Renault Capture, will produce a new model, as well as confirmed the production of a new engine and a new gearbox, in the factories of Renault in Spain. Remember that very near, in Palencia, also produced Renault Kadjar and Renault M├ęgane.

award of the Third Industrial Plan in Spain for the period 2017-2020 will lead to the arrival of a new model to the factory’s body and assembly of Valladolid. We don’t know yet what model will be. It is speculated that it could be a new vehicle of small dimensions. But at the moment there is nothing confirmed.

we Also know that the engine factory of Valladolid will produce a new engine, the K9 Gen8, four-cylinder engine, which will be supplied to different models of Renault, Samsung, Dacia, Nissan and Mercedes-Benz. What’s interesting about this engine is that it will lead to the arrival to the factory of engines of a new activity of injection of aluminium to Valladolid, which will result once more in an improvement of the versatility of the factory.

In terms of the factory of Seville there are also innovations. It confirms the arrival of a new gearbox, the TX30, which will require a complete adaptation of the industrial system.

Source: Renault