Good news! Honda will launch a mini-NSX electric and the spiritual successor to the Honda S2000

What the future holds for Honda? For a start we already know that the atmospheric does not have a future, or even in one of the bastions that have withstood the obsession with the downsizing, Honda. In fact we already know that the new Honda Civic – which will arrive in 2017 – will be based on gasoline engines turbocharged. But we have also been able to learn that there is life beyond the Type R and the NSX. Honda will launch a new sports electric, will be more accessible, less potent than NSX, and the brand is already working with various prototypes with two priorities: to launch a mini-NSX electric and a sporty four-cylinder that will be defined as the successor of the S2000.

we will Not only see in the dealerships a mini-NSX electrical, but also the spiritual successor to the Honda S2000.

According to begin the trials for the press of the Honda NSX, publishes a proof of a sporty, with a body of Honda CR-Z, and heart electric. A version decaffeinated – very highly diluted – the Honda CR-Z electric that attacked Pikes Peak this year.

this Is a project that began in 2012 with the aim, not of creating a sports career, but to launch a street sports car electric that will arrive at dealers in the next few years.


This prototype, which would weigh about 1,600 kilograms, boasts 250 BHP of power electric, but when you get to the dealers there would be margin to stretch it easily to 350 BHP of power. According to Autocar, the mule, original with a battery of 16 kWh, a capacity of energy storage will increase to reach the goal of an autonomy of about 300 miles (483 kilometers), and in that way meet the needs of their customers.

The amazing thing is that, with these figures, the prototype is in the works Honda already achieves a 0 to 100 km/h in 3.5 seconds. To do this they would have opted for a distribution of electric motors in both axes. That is to say, a sort of four-wheel drive similar to the one used by the that will be its bigger brother, the Honda NSX.

The idea of a sporty electric with these features sounds good. But what you tell me of a new Honda S2000? We are eager to see…

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