Good news! It’s official: the new Tesla Roadster will be spectacular and will be seen in four years

An electric Lotus? What a stupidity. Probably many we thought that seven years ago, when the first draft of Tesla Motors, the DarkStar is unveiled. Tesla wanted to get a place in the automotive industry, advocating a product tailored to the growing demand of customers looking for a vehicle of sustainable luxury. And his response was the product that later would know as Tesla Roadster, a Lotus Elise renovated and transformed into electric sports. A product for which more than 2,400 units were sold and that can come forward some great news: there will be a new Tesla Roadster, will be even more spectacular and we will know in less than four years


Elon Musk has not revealed details, only that the Tesla Roadster will have a second generation and that this will in four years.

The news was unveiled Elon Musk himself in his last press conference, where it was presented last modification to the Tesla Model S a “ridiculously” with which this electric sedan can accelerate from 0 to 300 km / h in 3.0 seconds. These figures Ferrari 488 GTB .

Today we can confirm you that in four years hit the street a second-generation Tesla Roadster . In four years if Tesla Motors gets this time meet the deadlines set out in its roadmap. Recall that the delays have been a constant in the launches and the expansion of the network of Tesla Motors. Delays as have occurred in the presentation of Model 3 (still do not know), the Model X (which will this year), the opening of “showrooms” (in Spain yet there is none), or expansion Supercharger network (which in Spain opened its first location in Girona few days ago).


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With the new battery pack, the first-generation Tesla Roadster is now able to approve a range of around 700 kilometers. [1.99901 million]

Tesla was the first Tesla Roadster we tested on motor (see Tesla Roadster test). This same year he received a package of improvements, a new set of batteries, by which the Tesla Roadster could increase their autonomy approved up to 700 kilometers according to European standards. It is a spectacular figure for a power, and even a sports regardless of their source of energy.

Tesla has not yet told us what the new Roadster , if you start from an existing base, such as the Lotus Elise, or bet on a completely new, own platform of Tesla Motors. Imagine that given the evolution that has suffered in the last decade Tesla advocate for the latter. In any case, it’s open season, and speculation, rumors, and the trickle of official information on the second-generation Tesla Roadster has only just begun.

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In motor The Tesla Roadster comes home for Christmas with about 700 km of autonomy

Tesla Roadster

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