Good news: Novitec already has a catalog of accessories for your Lamborghini Hurricane

Novitec has been relocated to work to offer a new accessories catalog. The protagonist this time is Lamborghini Hurricane received, as is standard in the case of Novitec, a new ration ons carbon fiber and other “goodies”.

The list of accessories prepared for Lamborghini Hurricane Novitec starts with a new front splitter accompanying a central skirt, a new hood, side skirts, a spoiler, a new diffuser, mirrors and gill covers engine all made in carbon fiber and tested in the wind tunnel .

Alongside these new exhaust system elements available with regulating valves also featured a . Novitec not mention if a horse gets scratched more with this engine exhaust V10 atmospheric place to remember series 610 horses not presented to us by now no extra power as reprogramming.

Beyond these changes Novitec puts the finishing touch on an aesthetic level based tires and the dynamic plane with new suspension .

Hurricane More about the Lamborghini?

You can meet more details Lamborhini Hurricane in the article “Lamborghini Hurricane LP610 -4: all about the last Italian bull, Sant’Agata perfect storm.”

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