Good news: the next Jeep Wrangler will not give up their square shapes

how do you update an icon without throwing over the whole a legion of hardcore fans? How to while developing a design line as the Mercedes G-Class or the Jeep Wrangler? Jeep are already working on the next generation of the Wrangler (also in Mercedes do the same with the G-Class, but that is another story) and we already have new rumors about the future of the legendary off-road.

The aluminum will play a major role, we could meet during the next summer:

Born in the heat of the battle the Jeep Wrangler is the one in charge of fixing the DNA, to extol the essence of the firm at the same time that it is an icon for motorsport and of course, this leaves you in a delicate position when faced with any type of change.

In a statement to Automotive News, Mike Manley, to the front of the Jeep, has pointed out that there is a clear objective in the development of the new Wrangler: “not screw up” and it seems that all lovers of their square forms (among which I include) can be in luck, since the Wrangler will stay true to its representative design.

Manley would have pointed out that “you have to be very careful with the aerodynamics of the Wrangler because, at the end of the day, the car should be recognizable as a Wrangler, by restricting the changes of the aerodynamic that can be done”.

Manley makes reference to the reduction of weight and “other changes” to reduce the consumption of this suv.

and as we have seen on previous occasions, the hand of prior statements of hearsay… aluminum will play a critical role, significantly reducing the weight of the Wrangler and therefore gives us a better dynamics and less consumption.