Good news! The Plan PIVE 8 is to be extended until July 2016

According to a report in Europa Press, in the last appearance of Begoña Cristeto – secretary general of Industry and smes – has stated that the current Plan PIVE (the eighth edition) will be extended until July 2016. The Government will extend the PIVE until July of 2016. This announcement has been framed in the opening session of the III European Congress of the Electric Vehicle, in which the leader has also announced the Plan approval MOVEA, of which I’ll talk about after the jump.

Plan PIVE 8 was initially endowed with € 275 million, of which there are still about 100 million.

on The contrary of what we thought, the Plan PIVE 8 had not exhausted his funds, of the 275 million initially budgeted, there are still a few 100 million. On paper, it would be possible to finance something more than 130,000 operations of purchase car new, energy-efficient. Let us remember that the government contribution in the 1,500 euros in aid is 750 euros, the rest being contributed by the brand. In addition, you will still need to tax in the statement of the income TAX this aid to the purchase of a car.


In the next Council of Ministers – or the next – will be approved by the Plan MOVEA, a fusion between the programs MOVELE and PIMA Air, which will subsidize the purchase of a vehicle propelled by alternative energies, such as electricity, compressed natural gas or hydrogen. The program MOVEA has not yet finalized the amount of the aid, but you want to bring Spain to the level of countries like France, where the market share of the electric car is more than 11%. The market share of electric in Spain is 0.3%.

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