Good start to the year for hybrid and electric vehicles

Prueba Nissan Leaf 30 kWh

last week we published our usual look at the performance of the sector in terms of sales of passenger cars is concerned. In that article we saw a fact that we was happy enough, and it is the first month of 2017 is filled with a large share of the market for passenger cars hybrid and electric enrolled, representing nothing less than 5.3% of the total of cars sold. It may seem a low rate, but what is certain is that it is very good for the tendency common in our country.

Not only the market share in terms of passenger cars hybrid and electric refers is quite positive, but also is in the global market of vehicles (hybrid and electric), considering in this section passenger cars, commercial and industrial vehicles and buses. At the global level, this type of alternative propulsion has represented a total of 4.5 %, with 4,664 units sold.

Prueba Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV

Of time, the vehicles hybrids are still well above the electrical for its greater versatility and ease of use, as well as by their autonomy. Hybrid vehicles have added up to a total of 4.276 units in the month of January, representing a growth of 101 % in comparison with the same month of the previous year. The lack of incentives slowed down the growth of the vehicles is totally electrical (no longer available plans MOVELE or MOVEA), but even so, have grown 12 % with 271 vehicles, of which 223 have been passenger cars.

passenger Cars such as BMW 225 (16 units) or i3 (19), Mercedes GLC 350 (22), Mitsubishi Outlander (35), Nissan Leaf (12), Renault Zoe (53), Volkswagen Passat (10) or Volvo XC90 (14) have been those who have most contributed to these data as encouraging. Let’s hope that the higher political office that manage the different aid plans to purchase of vehicles are aware of the importance of these hybrid and electric models to the market and really financially support the commercialization, both for cars and the other vehicles.

– Source ANFAC