Goodbye Jenson Button! Hello Stoffel Vandoorne!

Jenson Button ante la prensaA sad day for what the team McLaren-Honda has announced in the GP of Italy, remember that since Felipe Massa announced that he would retire from F1 after his contract expired this year, but it is not the only low for 2017. Also the british Button stops your steering wheel from pilot officer, although in this case not to stray too much from the F1, nor his team, McLaren, where he will continue his work in another role is also very important for the development and the future performance of the equipment: it will be the third pilot.

Jenson Button will leave your seat to Stoffel Vandoorne, who will be team-mate Fernando Alonso in ne next season. So McLaren-Honda has cleared the doubts and rumors on its lineup of pilots. I am certainly relieved because the Button does not move away too much of the F1, as it is a great driver and has been once the champion of the world in this category. I don’t have a record of the details of the contract signed to occupy this new role within Woking, but at least it will be linked to the computer.

Stoffel Vandoorne con el mono de McLaren-HondaFrom the team highlighted that “The alignment of McLaren-Honda for next season will be Fernando and Stoffel, a perfect blend of brilliance and immense potential. But before speaking of each of them, I want to talk about Jenson. As a rider of our team during the past seven seasons, has been outstanding both inside and outside of the track and as we see this season, it continues, is not only fast and is in form, he also has experience and is an expert.

in Addition, both from McLaren as from Honda are excited about the new role of development that will take your Button, providing an extreme experience to be more competitive in the future. The own Button has spoken of this: “I Am delighted to say that will be a key member of the team McLaren-Honda. In fact, I’m excited about my new role, which has been the result of countless conversations with Ron. Especially, I hope to get involved deeply in the team’s efforts to get success we deserve.”.