Goodbye to a car interesting: there will be no second generation of the Skoda Roomster

Each time, there are less cars original that remain in the market. By economic criteria or by image, tend to disappear quickly from the ranges of manufacturers. Not only talk about sports, I also speak of cars as the Skoda Roomster. A curious blend of compact van and monovolúmen, which was highlighted by a huge modular interior and a huge cargo space, in a package of just 4.2 metres. The bad news is that there will be a second-generation of this interesting vehicle.

His first (and only) generation has been built on the platform of the Skoda Fabia.

The Skoda Roomster ceased its sales in the spring of this year, and did not adapt their engines to the euro5 standard.. Several mules of tests were espiadas with the body of the current Volkswagen Caddy, and it was thought that the second-generation Roomster will share its platform, growing in size and versatility. According to the German magazine auto, motor und sport communicates, the development of a new Roomster would have been paralyzed, does not fit already in the product philosophy of Skoda. Let’s look at what that means.


What you want to say is that although Skoda will continue to produce suvs and sedans of practical – with their corresponding versions Kombi to appeal to a traditional audience – their future was not headed in that direction. The future of Skoda passes through the crossovers: the Yeti was renovated last year and we are just months from the launch of a new todocamino of greater size based on the modular platform MQB, a true competitor in height to the overall level of the SEAT will also have a version.

This SUV means it will compete with machines such as the Renault Kadjar, or the Kia Sportage, to give the idea of the importance of this release. Will turn Skoda into a brand more cost-effective and by fortune SEAT will capitalize on its success, although as you already know, will not be produced in Martorell, but that will come out of a factory located in the Czech Republic. The same thing happens as with the SEAT Mii or the SEAT Alhambra, are produced by other facilities of the Volkswagen Group. Eh, we also do the same with the cost-effective Audi Q3.


we are All friends, but the Skoda Roomster is left without a successor. A shame, because it was a car really, really big inside, with a cargo capacity similar to a van small in its commercial version. The side of market that Skoda also lose, incidentally.

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